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I got the strangest email today. Call out Gouranga be happy!!! Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga …. That which brings the highest happiness!! Is it just me, or is that just begging to be made to be put into a techno song? Somebody out there must possess the skill and tools to make a silly song. If …

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BoingBoing links to an amusing video of a Nigerian scam email turned into a soliloquy.

Stopping Spam the American Way

When all else fails, offer a reward. I don't know if bounty hunters will stop the spam problem, but I applaud the effort.

A Brief History of Spam

A Microsoft employee has masochistically kept every piece of unsolicited email, including viruses, he has every received and made an interesting chart depicting spam volume over time. (Thanks, Slashdot)

The Spam Gene

The Human Genome Project may end up helping in the fight against spam. On a related note, a new spam firewall has been developed. (Thanks, Slashdot)