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Mayor Ravenstahl’s Snow Job

Updates follow the post body Snowmageddon. Snowpocalypse. SnOMG. Whatever you call it, we knew it was coming, and we knew it would be bad. If you ask Mayor Ravenstahl, though, he and the rest of Pittsburgh’s government aren’t to blame for the painfully slow plowing process. “Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who left town Friday to celebrate […]

Born Free, Taxed To Death

Tax-Free Online Shopping May EndStates take first steps toward standard sales tax plan that includes Internet purchases.Michelle Madigan “WASHINGTON — When state legislatures reconvene in January, imposing an Internet sales tax could be high on their agendas. That’s because delegates from 31 states have approved a program to streamline the now fragmented sales tax programs.”

Home Sweet Silo

Missile Silo Home Safe Secure Underground NR

Move Over, Pavarotti

I’m a fan of Opera, but I’ve been using Mozilla lately, due to compatibility issues. Opera casts off legacy code for speedBy Paul Festa

This Space For Rent

If he wasn’t going to use the money for his kids’ college fund, I’d say he was a complete nut. As it is, he’s pretty nutty. Man Rents His Head As Billboard