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Up in Smoke

An entire nation has banned public smoking! On top of that, selling tobacco is also illegal. Woohoo! 🙂 (Thanks, Evangelical Outpost) The First Nonsmoking Nation If you’re indignant that your boss just shut the smoking room and outraged that you have to leave the bar to light up, take heart. Life could be worse. You …

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Death Sticks

I’m pleased to announce that another country has passed a ban on smoking in public places. Woohoo! There’s more good news on the horizon: ” In Britain, the government has announced plans to introduce public smoking bans in England and Wales.” Now, if we could just get more US states to follow New York and …

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Currency Up in Smoke

The Governator has banned smoking in California prisons. I’m happy to see smoking banned any place. This ban might have some interesting consequences, however. Cigarettes are often used as currency in prison. This will upset the whole economy.

Fresh Air!

WOOHOO!!! Bar, Restaurant Smoking Ban Discussed A state lawmaker says the time has come to ban smoking at all workplaces in Pennsylvania, including bars and restaurants. State Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Montgomery County, says he will push for legislation simlar to that of California, New York, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Massachusetts, where the law is …

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R-Rating Sought in Some Smoking Films LOS ANGELES ? If Nicolas Cage lights a cigarette in a movie, Hollywood’s ratings board should respond as if he used a profanity, according to authors of a new study that criticizes glamorous images of smoking in movies rated for children under 17. Lawmakers Urge Smoking-Related Film Rating Industry …

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