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Of Love and Co-Sleeping

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. I’ve just been busy adjusting to and enjoying life with our new baby. Oh yeah, the pretty girl in the photo to the left is Eleanor Bernadette. We call her “Ella” for short. She was born on September 26. Just as with all three siblings … Continue reading »

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Finally – Just One Friggin' Remote!

3 cheers to the local boys on this one. 🙂 The Holy Grail of remote controls All-in-one controller would converse with myriad appliances “PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (AP) — It’s the one remote control you wouldn’t want to lose. That’s because it’s the ONLY remote you’d have. “

Magic Axe

I’m glad David Gilmour made the top ten. 🙂 Hendrix Voted Greatest Guitarist “LONDON (Reuters) – Rock icon Jimi Hendrix has been voted the greatest guitarist of all time in a poll by a leading European guitar magazine Tuesday. “

Move Over Dionysius (and Bacchus,Too)

Women to Worship Goddess of Beer “LONDON (Reuters) – British beer lovers have enlisted the support of a Sumerian goddess in their efforts to shake off the masculine image of their favorite tipple. “

8x Over Achiever

Sleep-deprived student earns eight degrees in five years