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No, the title's not a typo. It's Latin. "Scandal" comes from "scandalum". It's means "stumbling block", "temptation", or "trap". With all the talk of priestly impropriety and pro-choice Catholics, it's easy to miss more ordinary forms of scandal. Each one of us can be a stumbling block to someone else's faith. Non-Catholics, and non-Christians in …

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Big Deal

I’ve seen a lot of headlines about Deal Hudson of late. I had no desire to add another. However, I found this bit from the Catholic World News Weekly News Summary worth noting. (I don’t have a link for it because it seems the summaries are sent via email only without web publication. If someone …

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Point of View

There's an interesting post on The Dawn Patrol about counterproductive evangelization. Specifically, several Catholics clumsily tried to convert her from Protestantism. I understand the reasoning, but the approach left a lot to be desired. I have a news flash for self-righteous catechism thumpers. Protestants aren't the spawn of Satan. Nor are they doomed to Hell. …

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Lieutenant Kerry

A reader of mine wants to squash what he perceives as vicious lies concocted by "Bushies". To that end, here's the Snopes article on John Kerry's "fishy" medals. Snopes is a nonpartisan site whose purpose is to stop the circulation of urban legends and other misinformation.

Chick This Out

A Saintly Salmagundi reminded me of someone who makes my blood boil – Jack Chick. It’s one thing to think Catholic teachings are unbiblical, but resorting to poor scholarship and outright lies to turn people against the Church is un-Christian. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor The Nightmare World of Jack T. …

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