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Crazy Cat

My cat got sick and died. I found a new buddy to adopt. He got sick and scared the heck out me. He got better and showed us his goofy personality and strange habits. TL;DR: I peed on a cat. Continue reading »

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Smile. You're On Security Cams

Security cameras are getting smart — and scary From wealthy private homes to military installations, security cameras are going high tech. By Dean Takahashi “Prompted in part by new fears after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, camera makers, security specialists, hard-disk makers and chip designers are transforming the art of video surveillance, long known …

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A Real Jackass

> This guy’s a Darwin Award waiting to happen. Teen Burns Himself Copying ‘Jackass’ Stunt “SEATTLE (Reuters) – A 15-year-old Washington state boy suffered serious burns when he set himself on fire trying to re-enact a stunt from MTV’s controversial show ‘ackass,’police said on Monday. “

Saint George?

This picture kinda creeps me out. “President George W. Bush answers a question during his press conference in Washington November 7, 2002. Bush, who has vowed to disarm Iraq by force if necessary, said he would deal differently with the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. (Win McNamee/Reuters)” Here’s a less frightening W …

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