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The Church and Family Planning: Pius XI

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series The Church and Family PlanningI don’t think there’s any dispute that the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding the regulation of births are greatly misunderstood by many people, both within and without the Church. Most Americans and most media outlets seem to think natural family planning (NFP) […]

Sociology and the Vocations Crisis

A concerned Catholic friend recently sent me an article about how to solve the vocations crisis in the Church. I haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing, but it seemed good when I skimmed it. If an in-depth read lives up the skim, I might blog about it. One sentence in particular caught […]

Hairy Health

Great, so not only can I not grow a beard, but I’m at greater risk for a stroke because of it. Yay. :/ Men Who Shave More, Live More By Jennifer Warner “A clean-shaven face may be the sign of a happy and healthy man. A new study suggests that men who don’t shave daily …

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Machiavelli Would Be Insulted

…by the comparison Former Bush Aide Apologizes for ‘Machiavelli’ Jibe By Randall Mikkelsen “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A former senior aide to President Bush (news – web sites) apologized on Monday after being quoted in an article saying a band of “Mayberry Machiavellis” were running a White House where politics trumped policy.”

Hell No, We Won't Go

Pentagon Papers’ Ellsberg Sees Deja Vu in IraqBy Jane Sutton “MIAMI (Reuters) – When Pentagon (news – web sites) Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg wrote a new memoir chronicling his decision to leak secret U.S. military documents exposing official lies about the Vietnam War, he had no inkling the United States could soon be at war …

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