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Follow-up on Death Before Baptism

Annie Banno, co-blogger of After Abortion, sent me a link to an article she wrote for Catholic Exchange, entitled "All Souls In Purgatory, Or Not?". One priest said, “For most of history, the Church taught that unbaptized babies go to ‘limbo.’ This was not hell, but a place of peace. They can not enjoy the …

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Damned Until Baptism?

This ties in with the previous post. There’s an interesting post at Joe Missionary, with equally interesting comments, about the fate of infants that die prior to baptism. Since, when I just point to interesting stuff, most people don’t seem to bother to click through, I’ll post some excerpts to whet your appetites. I encourage …

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Saved Since Birth?

The following were posted to a Yahoo! group I belong to. Issues discussed include infant baptism and assurance of salvation, so I’m sure at least the Catholic apologists’ ears will be pricked. 😉 Please respond with comments. I’ll pass them along to the group.

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Following a Renegade

Open Book reminded me about an article I read quite a while ago. It’s written by a woman who went to Fr. Bill Hausen‘s heretical church but came back to the True Church.

Conversations on the Catechism: "I Believe in Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God"

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 It’s time again to discuss another section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. My previous attempts at this have met with deafening silence, but I think I have more Protestant readers now, so maybe I’ll get more comments this time. What we’ve covered so far: "I Believe" – "We Believe" (CCC …

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