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Discipline and the Scarcity Principle

I recently finished reading “Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert, B. Cialdini, PhD. It’s mostly about detecting persuasive tricks by propagandists, compliance agents, salesmen, and marketers. However, toward the end there is a bit about the scarcity principle that’s …

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Return of Bumfights

Well, it looks like the delinquents responsible for Bumfights have been dealt with appropriately. Alleged ‘Bumfights’ Video Makers Arrested in Calif. “(Reuters) SAN DIEGO – Two men who allegedly paid street people to fight each other as part of the Internet video sensation “Bumfights” have been arrested in San Diego, police said on Tuesday.”

Poetic Justice

This guy got the beating he deserved. Judo students foil carjacking “LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) — If there was a ‘Bad Career Move’ award for car thieves, police in Los Angeles say they have a candidate — a man who tried to steal a minivan with a judo team inside.”

All Wet

Did they give her mouth-to-mouth? 😉 Police ‘Rescue’ Sex Doll from Lake “VIENNA (Reuters) – Austrian police following up on reports of a corpse floating in Lake Constance found only an abandoned inflatable sex doll, police said Monday. “

Y2K Bug?

Man, 103, Told to Bring Parents for Eye Test “LONDON (Reuters) – British pensioner Joseph Dickinson, 103, had a shock when his local hospital called him in for an eye test and told him to bring his parents. “