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Against the Grain

…as well as 2000 years of Church teaching. According to AP, "the spokesman for the Catholic Church in Spain has said it supports the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS." Well, doesn't this makes things interesting? Church officials in Spain are attempting damage control by telling the press, "Contrary to what some …

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Out of Line?

Fr. Hamilton at Catholic Ragemonkey has posted an interesting anecdote about a non-Catholic who tried to receive Holy Communion from him. While I agree with most of his points, something he said at the end disturbed me. "[T]he line for Holy Communion is only for those actually receiving Holy Communion…[and] is not for blessings of …

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Merry Christmas

May the Lord bless you all on this day as we recall when the Bread of Life, with which the Good Shepherd feeds His sheep, was placed in a manger (a trough for animal feed) and the faithful said to one another, “Come. Let us adore Him.”.

Damned Until Baptism Redux

A Zenit interview with Father Peter Gumpel tackles the issue of death prior to baptism, which I wrote about a few days ago. What the Church Has Said About Children Who Die Without Baptism Although in history there have been different opinions, the supreme magisterium of the Church offers very precise documents and affirmations.

Receiving the Cross

I am now a sponsor in the combined St. Paul’s/Oratory RCIA class. On Sunday, our class participated in the Combined Rite of Acceptance and Welcoming. It is one of my favorite ceremonies. For those who are unfamiliar with this rite, in particular my Protestant readers, I reproduce some of it here.

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