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2012 Run Around the Square 5K: Personal Course Record!

I ran the Run Around the Square 5K today. My training has been going well, I’ve been losing weight, and I’ve felt really good lately, so I’d hoped for a personal 5K record. Unfortunately, the temperature was about ten degrees warmer than I’d hoped, the humidity was high, and the ozone level […]


I suspect if Alex ever runs he'll kick his old man's ass. Not that that's particularly hard…

29 Weeks and Counting

After a disastrous marathon in 2010, I’m determined to be better prepared for 2011. Despite having successfully completed two marathons, I’m swallowing my pride and following a 26-week beginner plan. I’m treating this year as though I’ve never run a marathon before. Since I have to run through […]

How Not to Run a Marathon

Last year, my Pittsburgh Marathon training was spotty at best. Winter training was almost non-existent due to lengthy chest colds. My mileage didn’t get very high. My longest run was only 16mi – and happened the week before the marathon. I started with the 4:45 pace group last year, and kept with […]

Get Up and Get Busy

It’s good to know running does more than strain muscles and hurt your joints. Run, Don’t Walk to Stave Off Heart Death: UK Study “LONDON (Reuters Health) – A brisk half-hour walk five days a week might make you healthier, but may not be enough to avoid a premature death from heart disease, British researchers …

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