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No Work, No Pay

‘No Work, No Pay’ Law Must Stay on the Books, Taxpayer Group Says A taxpayer watchdog group is fighting to preserve a “No Work, No Pay” law that requires members of Congress to forfeit their pay when they are absent from Congress – unless they or a family member are ill. It’s an obscure law …

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Don't Eat the WMD

Voices for Animals is presenting a film about alleged deceptions about WMDs in Iraq and participating in an anti-war march. Did we blow up a lot of wildlife over there or is this just comical mission creep? This reminds me of some of the shenanigans at the anti-war rally and march just before the war …

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A couple weeks ago I heard about 11 Christians who were arrested while peacefully protesting Outfest in Philadelphia. I waited for a few MSM outlets to report it, but they didn’t. Here are two WorldNetDaily articles about it. I wish I had some less obviously conservative sources. Any suggestions? 11 Christians arrested at homosexual event …

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An Atheist Christmas Special

Theomorph presents an interesting view on sacred versus profane Christmas debates. Unlike a lot of secularists, he’s not hostile toward religious expression. Perhaps it’s because he was once Christian. Then again, maybe he’s just a nice guy. 😉 On a somewhat related note, here’s an article about the growing popularity of Festivus.

At Cross-Purposes

For one segment of society, the live birth of a baby at 26 weeks is cause for celebration. For another, abortion after 26 weeks is exercising the “right to choose”. When and how will our society resolve this conflict? World’s smallest baby ready to go home CHICAGO (AP) — A baby who weighed less than …

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