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Y2K Bug?

Man, 103, Told to Bring Parents for Eye Test “LONDON (Reuters) – British pensioner Joseph Dickinson, 103, had a shock when his local hospital called him in for an eye test and told him to bring his parents. “

Fast Cluck

Chicken Feathers Used in Computer

Now You See It…

…Now you don’t. I agree with the creators of this software. Thomas Jefferson said it well. (Paraphrased) Those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither. Hackers Tackle Censorship With New Tool By Kim Zetter Camera/Shy encrypts messages into images, intended for political dissidents but useful for any secrets. The steganography tool, to be …

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Man and Husband

On personal and religious grounds, I do not support homosexual marriage, but I do not believe secular nations should legislate against them. Besides, it solves a lot of same-sex benefits problems. Court ruling favors gay marriageTom Musbach Canada took a major step toward legally recognizing same-sex marriage on Friday when an Ontario court ruled that …

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Minority Report?

Robot cameras ‘will predict crimes before they happen’ By Andrew Johnson “CCTV: By learning behaviour patterns, computers could soon alert police when an unmanned camera sees ‘suspicious’ activity”