Same Old Song and Dance

‘Twould seem the RIAA, record companies, and their pack of snarling, salivating hyenas…er…lawyers, haven’t noticed that pay-to-download is a workable business model that has people’s attention – and money. If record companies produced CDs with 15 or so good songs, none of this would be an issue. Music piracy was a case of necessity inventing. …

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Deparate Industry

Software Bullet Is Sought to Kill Musical Piracy By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN “Some of the world’s biggest record companies, facing rampant online piracy, are quietly financing the development and testing of software programs that would sabotage the computers and Internet connections of people who download pirated music, according to industry executives.” Labels reportedly back antipiracy …

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Piracy-Proof Music

Here's a clever jab at RIAA's greedy, paranoid antics. Music Industry Unveils New Piracy-Proof Format: A Black, Plastic Disc With Grooves On It Music bosses have unveiled a revolutionary new recording format that they hope will help win the war on illegal file sharing which is thought to be costing the industry millions of dollars …

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