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There’s tasteless and then there’s really tasteless. This falls in to latter category. Couple Arrested for Sex in Cathedral “NEW YORK (Reuters) – A Virginia couple was arraigned on Friday after they were arrested for allegedly having sex in a vestibule of St. Patrick’s Cathedral while parishioners worshiped nearby. “

Magic Axe

I’m glad David Gilmour made the top ten. 🙂 Hendrix Voted Greatest Guitarist “LONDON (Reuters) – Rock icon Jimi Hendrix has been voted the greatest guitarist of all time in a poll by a leading European guitar magazine Tuesday. “

Move Over Dionysius (and Bacchus,Too)

Women to Worship Goddess of Beer “LONDON (Reuters) – British beer lovers have enlisted the support of a Sumerian goddess in their efforts to shake off the masculine image of their favorite tipple. “

Gamecube Rules

Quality counts – not quantity. Gamecube may have fewer games than Playstation 2, but just about every game made for it is very highly rated by critics and gamers. Let’s hope this article’s author is wrong about it slipping behind Micro$shaft’s Crap-Box. GameCube beating Xbox, to fall behind in ’03 -study “SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 6 …

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Return of the Skank

Some losers just keep coming back. Who’s next, OJ Simpson’s buddy, Cato Caelin? Your 15 Minutes Are Up Tabloid Fame Doesn’t Carry ‘Anna Nicole’ By Ken Ringle