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Nov 08


We weren’t able to cough Specter up and out of his Senate seat. Maybe we can keep him becoming chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Pete Vere at Catholic Light shares this desire. It’s good to see other Casey Democrats in St. Blog’s. I was beginning to feel crowded out by the rapid Bush supporters. Anyhow, …

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Aug 23

AstroTurf Activism

Cut-and-Paste Propaganda Infiltrates Opinion Pages By Paul Farhi Reader, beware! Some of America’s newspapers have become unwitting conduits for campaign propaganda. Thanks to some nifty Internet technology, the campaigns of President Bush and John F. Kerry are making it easy for their supporters to pass off the campaigns’ talking points as just another concerned citizen’s …

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Aug 17

Speak Your Piece

To all my readers who live in Allegheny County: The Department for Economic Development in Allegheny County has a survey on their website. Please take it. It’s short and will let the county authorities know how you want your tax dollars spent. On a related note, here are some Pittsburgh blogs. It’s not a comprehensive …

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Aug 16

Guilty As Charged

Genocide in Darfur sparks outrage, but little action [T]he handwringing isn’t translating into action. In progress instead is a fresh mockery of that 1948 convention. A repeat of well-intentioned, feeble actions that failed to save 800,000 Rwandans a decade ago. I’ve been all talk and no action, just as this op/ed piece says. Well, I …

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Aug 04

Portly Protesters

“Obesity is not a disease. All this does is open the door for the diet and bariatric surgery industries to make a potentially tremendous profit.” – Allen Steadham in “Fat activists start mass protest“ Riiiiight…and smoking isn’t bad for you either. The campaign against smoking is just a front for extortion by a hippocratic mafia. …

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