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I forgot to mention something yesterday. Marty Minto‘s been on a bit of an anti-Catholic tirade for the last week. One of his listeners wrote in to ask if anyone who truly loved Jesus could go to Hell, even Catholics. I sent the following as part of an email to him during his broadcast. “I …

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Trust RIAA

No, I don’t really mean anyone should trust the RIAA. I’m referring to an anti-trust suit being brought against the buggers. Small Webcasters sue RIAA By John Borland “A group of small Webcasters on Wednesday filed an antitrust suit against the Recording Industry Association of America, alleging that the trade association tried to push independent …

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The Beat Goes On

Web Radio Expected to Keep Playing Last-minute legislation permits negotiated royalty rates for small Webcasters. By Michelle Madigan "WASHINGTON — Small Webcasters expect to keep streaming their music, with Congress giving them a break on the royalty rates imposed on online radio stations."

Gee, How I Love Unions

It seems AFL-CIO is buddy-buddy with those who oppose web radio. !@#$% UNIONS!!! I guess hosing the steel industry in the US wasn’t enough damage for them. Artists willing to kill webcasting for a check that may total $0?By Kurt Hanson “Apparently, the biggest potential block to HR 5469 – the bill that would have …

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Web Radio Lives

Web Music Keeps Streaming–For Now Music labels, Webcasters reach compromise that won’t kill small online stations with stiff fees. By Michelle Madigan “WASHINGTON–After a week of nonstop negotiations, Webcasters and the recording industry have struck a deal designed to keep small Internet radio stations in business.”