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Radio Daze

Powerball presents further evidence that terrestrial radio is dying. "Classic rock fans who tuned in WRRK-FM (96.9) [Tuesday] morning got a rude awakening when…the Steel City Media station, licensed to Braddock, flipped to ‘Bob FM‘…" I really hope 96.9 follows Sacramento’s 92.1 and ditches Bob in favor of an all-80’s format.

Radio is Dying

By now I'm sure most if not all of you know that Howard Stern is moving to Sirius satellite radio. Whoopee. I'm not a fan of Stern, so I won't miss him. However, that doesn't mean I don't care about what his departure is doing to radio. As a result of the ratings vacuum Stern's …

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Everyone's a Victim

Radio Network Claims It’s Being Bumped for Howard Stern "The Word Network, an urban religious station featuring programs like ‘Rainbow Push with Jesse Jackson,’ claims that it is being dropped by Sirius Satellite Radio to make room for shock jock Howard Stern." …. "Sirius has a ‘duty to find room on their dial for wholesome …

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Bye, Bye, Marty

June 22, 2005 I still get a number of hits to my post about the firing of Christian talk show host Marty Minto. I never quite finished it because I got tied up in more important things, so I decided to come back and do just that. For those interested, the original entry can be …

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Salvation and Damnation = Incentives for Good Behavior?

Powerball asks an interesting question. Before I get to it, though. Here's a snippet of the article that made him ask it. It was discussed on The Marty Minto Show today. "Stacy Payne says both of her sons are smart, athletic and well-liked by their friends. But after hearing horror stories of teenage keg parties …

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