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Don Imus Should be a Gangsta Rapper

I’m a gangster, I’m a straight up G. The gangster life is the life for me! Shooting people by day, selling drugs by night. Being a gangster is hella tight. – “I’m a Gangster” by Rappy McRapperson Nerdcore rap cracks me up in general, but the above parody of gangster rap is one of my …

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Mark Chernoff Sucks

It seems David Lee Roth has finally given in to his gormless bosses. "Characterizing this morning’s show as a "new format," DAVID LEE ROTH – claiming that he had been suspended for the last two days — returned to the air this morning attempting to adhere to a new set of programming rules, while simultaneously …

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Diamond Dave

When Howard Stern left terrestrial radio (thank God) and moved to satellite, he left a gaping hole in morning drive radio. Infinity Radio decided to replace Stern with David Lee Roth in some markets (including Pittsburgh), and I think it was of the few smart decisions they’ve ever made. Diamond Dave’s show rocks. I’m the …

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Amusing the Church to Death

"When church music directors lead the congregation in singing some praise music, I often listen stoically with teeth clenched. But one Sunday morning, I cracked. We had been led through endless repetitions of a meaningless ditty called, ‘Draw Me Close to You.’ The song has zero theological content and could be sung in a nightclub, …

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Douglas Gresham on the Jerry Bowyer Program

Fans of C.S. Lewis might enjoy this interview with his stepson, Douglas Gresham, did with WORD-FM talk show host Jerry Bowyer on 11/23/05.