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Shea Rules

I think this satire by Mark Shea just about sums up the abuses of Vatican II. Chesterton: A Spirit of Vatican II Bibliography "Many people know that G.K. Chesterton, a famous defender of the Catholic faith as well as a prolific writer in fields as diverse as murder mysteries, literary criticism, biography, and political, theological …

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Immoral Majority

The Church should not be a democracy. To put it another way, in the words of G.K. Chesterton, “Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be walking around. “ Episcopalians …

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Freedom From Spam

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance” I’m happy to say that the amount of spam actually reaching my inbox has dramatically dropped since I started using Spamcop a year or so ago. The irony thing is that I still need to take time every couple of days to clear out spam. If I don’t …

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