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Morals in Politics

Seemingly based on the Libertarian Party's political quiz, this Moral Politics quiz plots your position on a map whose axes are moral order (x) and moral rules (y). Like any such quiz, it oversimplifies matters, but it's entertaining none the less. I like that I score as the party-less centrist I am. (HT:I Am a …

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I Prefer "Geek"

Thanks, A Saintly Salmagundi, for sharing this with your readers. I’m not sure I really trust the results, though. I’m far too lazy to be a nerd. 😉

What's Your Worldview?

Connexions points to a quiz that tells you how biblical your worldview is (in the eyes of the folks at WorldviewWeekend.com). Like most quizzes, more questions are begged than asked, but I still found it interesting. I have semi-frequent contact with fundamentalists, so I’m familiar with the worldview the test’s authors champion. Being able to …

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So I'm a SECF

This’ll be the last quiz for a while. I wouldn’t want my dear readers to get tired of them. 😉 (Thanks to Bene Diction Blogs On) 20 Questions to a Better Personality This is the personality test that leaves the rest behind. It does make judgment calls, and it does assess your role in society, …

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The Great Divide

I’m seem to be in a quiz-taking mood these days. The Slate has an interesting quiz that tells you how red or blue you are (in the political sense). As expected, I came out in the middle. That’s OK, I guess. My favorite color is purple, anyhow. BTW, when taking the quiz, you’ll likely be …

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