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95-10 Initiative

I’ve been doing some thinking about Democrats for Life’s 95-10 Initiative. The short explanation (for those who don’t know) is that it seeks to reduce the number of abortions by 95% in 10 years. Why doesn’t it seem to be getting much press? Is it because it doesn’t fit neatly into red vs. blue, right …

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Non-Traditional Pro-Lifers

I’ve added some more pro-life links to my side-bar. They’re nontraditional in nature. I’m sure they’ll raise a few eyebrows. 🙂

Ask the Right Questions

Aristotle taught us to ask the right questions, and I fear that many advocates for Terri, of whom I am one, have been asking entirely the wrong questions. The May 2005 issue of First Things has an excellent article by Robert T. Miller called "The Legal Death of Terri Schiavo". In the introduction, he states: …

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Apology Due to Michael Schiavo?

The Terri Schiavo autopsy results are out and nobody seems to be talking about them. Or rather, it seems nobody who was rallying the troops in her defense is talking about them. Maybe I’m just reading the wrong blogs, but the only ones that I’ve noticed mentioning the autopsy at all are those by folks …

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"Non-Controversial Human Embryonic Stem Cells…And a Bridge in Brooklyn"

Well well, what have we here, a Washington Post article on possible non-controversial human embryonic stem cell (hESC) sources. Let’s see what they are:

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