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Making Friends and Influencing People

Jollyblogger has called me his favorite papist and added me to his blogroll. 🙂 He has great taste in writers. C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton are among his favorites. I heartily recommend his blog. 🙂

What Would Benedict Say?

I knew the Benedictines had gone ’round the bend of late, but this is just bizarre. The [Presbyterian] Rev. Lynne Smith is believed to be the first woman in the United States to join a monastery founded by Roman Catholic sisters without converting from her original religion. (Thanks, Open Book) Update: The original news story …

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How Sad

It’s rather disappointing to see that a major Christian denomination has to bother debating the issue of abortion. Even if you could argue against the personhood of a first-term fetus, no Christian should advocate abortion as "emergency contraception". The very phrase turns my stomach. "Oh no! I’m infected with a child! Get it out!" By …

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I sympathize with this group well. Sadly, the Roman Catholic Church may someday need their services. Conservative Group Amplifies Voice of Protestant Orthodoxy By LAURIE GOODSTEIN and DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK Published: May 22, 2004 “As Presbyterians prepare to gather for their General Assembly in Richmond, Va., next month, a band of determined conservatives is advancing …

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