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Out of Line?

Fr. Hamilton at Catholic Ragemonkey has posted an interesting anecdote about a non-Catholic who tried to receive Holy Communion from him. While I agree with most of his points, something he said at the end disturbed me. "[T]he line for Holy Communion is only for those actually receiving Holy Communion…[and] is not for blessings of …

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Got a prayer request? Want lots of people to join you in prayer? Maybe this will help. St. Blog’s Prayer Network A site for sharing prayer intentions with all of St. Blog’s and beyond. Email prayer requests here.


“Did you cry out for anyone? Did you get to say goodbye? Did the blood dried on your face, did you cry out for any one? Did you get to say goodbye?” – from “Say Goodbye” by Brother Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May all the …

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Discovering a Season

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I get so excited that I start listening to my Christmas music at the beginning of November, much to the surprise and chagrin of some of my loved ones. This year, I’ve been asking myself what I’ve been getting excited about. Is it the celebration of Christ’s birth? …

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Hungry Hungry Augustine…of Hippo

OK, so the title is cheesy. Sue me. Anyhow, the remains of St. Augustine, my patron, were taken to Rome recently and Zenit published a few articles about the occasion. Pope Receives Relics of St. Augustine John Paul II’s Prayer to St. Augustine Augustine Faced an Emptiness, Says Cardinal Ratzinger “O Lord my God, I …

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