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"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." – Mark Twain (borrowing from some other fellow) While I tend to take polls with a grain of salt – they tend to largely say what the originators wished to say – I do not believe they are devoid of meaning or real representation …

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Not So Tolerable

It would seem that Americans aren't as accommodating of homosexuality as the media had lead me to believe. Perhaps hope remains. Poll shows backlash on gay issues By Susan Page "WASHINGTON – Americans have become significantly less accepting of homosexuality since a Supreme Court decision that was hailed as clearing the way for new gay …

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Happy birthday to me. 🙂 I guess I’m grown up now. Are We Grown Up Yet? U.S. Study Says Not ‘Till 26 “CHICAGO (Reuters) – Most Americans believe someone isn’t grown up until age 26, probably with a completed education, a full-time job, a family to support and financial independence, a survey said on Thursday.”

Conjugal Love Rocks

Here's YET ANOTHER article supporting natural law and Catholic teaching (see my archives for more). Women Enjoy Best Sex Within Marriage "LONDON (Reuters) – Forget forbidden flings and passionate one night stands, it's married women who enjoy the best sex." "Two thirds of married women say the best sex they've had is with their husband, …

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More About Marriage

U.S. Compiles Divorce Statistics By LAURA MECKLER "One in three marriages will end in divorce during their first 10 years, with certain couples more likely to split up than others, a government survey finds. People who marry young, have less money, are not religious and whose parents are divorced are more likely to divorce themselves.Overall, …

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