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Seeing Purple

The fella at Electoral Vote Predictor has read my mind and produced exactly the kind of election results map I wanted. It gives a better indication of just how deeply divided this country is than the simple red and blue maps. Nobody seems to care about how much healing America needs. The Republicans are patting …

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Dynamic Duo

Who are the most popular screen scientists according to a recent UK poll? Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker. 🙂 The Muppets rule! Spock came in second and my idol, the Doctor (from Doctor Who), came in third. I find the Doctor’s rank a bit surprising given Doctor Who’s popularity in the UK. Maybe …

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Flawed Statistics

Statistics and I don't always get along well. I'm getting better at detecting fishy conclusions drawn from statistics, though. Take this article about abortion among Catholic women for instance. Almost half of the clinic's 6000 patients last year identified their religion and of this group almost 40% said they were Catholic. A further 23% identified …

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Hidden Impact?

Perhaps the impact of The Passion of the Christ was bigger than I was initially led to believe. The Mighty Barrister seems to think the survey results are biased. “Despite marketing campaigns labeling the movie the ‘greatest evangelistic tool’ of our era, less than one-tenth of 1 percent of those who saw the film stated …

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Bias in the Media? Nahhh….

Hear that one about Kerry winning by 7 points from the LA Times? Yeah, so did I. Now have a look at what at what Mr. Drudge has to say. He’s not alone, either. [No survey is perfectly representative of the entire population, but this is unacceptable. – Funky Dung]