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Reply to "Too Close to Call?"

[Today, I welcome the guest commentary of my roommate Jerry Nora. He finished his baccalaureate work this week with three degrees: physics, philosophy, and molecular biology. He is highly devoted to the study of bioethics, which he will pursue as a MD/PhD student next year. He is former president of the University of Pittsburgh's Students …

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And So It Begins

Embryonic Stem Cell Grants Awarded "The government Friday awarded its first grants to prepare for embryonic stem cell research since President Bush gave approval for limited federal funding."

No Drilling in Alaska

Here are two news stories and one op-ed from Yahoo! about the recent resolution of this environmental issue. Senate Kills Bush Plan for Alaska Drilling Senate Rejects Bush Drilling Plan NINE OUT OF 10 CARIBOU SUPPORT DRILLING

Pregnancy and Minors' Right to Privacy

Pregnancy Notification Policy Alarms Some Health Experts “A revised regulation that directs Howard County school officials to notify parents when students reveal they are pregnant has drawn criticism from health experts who say it violates a young woman’s right to privacy and jeopardizes health care.” My two cents? Children are guaranteed no right to privacy …

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