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Passing Pets and Precocious Personalities

Today we said goodbye to a furry member of the family. A little over a month ago, our cat Dusty started losing his appetite and, consequently, weight. Long story short, skipping over expensive vet visits and whatnot, he never regained his appetite, lost almost half his body weight, and became very weak. On Wednesday night, while … Continue reading »

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Selective Memory

September 11, 2001 was indeed a sad and tragic day that will haunt Americans for years to come. I mourn the loss of life and my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. However, I cannot and will not jump on the rah-rah "Let's Roll" bandwagon of melodrama mixed with hawkish propaganda.  If …

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Another Reason to Hate Country Music

This is freakin’ hilarious. "This is the greatest collection of Al-Qaeda crooners ever assembled — almost 2 hours of the most memorable country music titles all on indelible hi-fidelity audio — featuring 13 huge hits, from the caves of Pakistan to the ‘private studios’ of Guantanamo Bay, including 10 Top 10 country smashes, duets with …

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Senator Specter's Snake Oil

Funky recently sent an email to Senater Arlen Specter regarding stem cells and cloning. He got the following response, which he forwarded to me. I was more than happy to fisk it for him. Senator Specter is a noted proponent of science and embryonic stem cell research in particular. As his letter to Funky indicates …

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A New Pigeon Hole?

I've often said that I hate the two-party political system, but if I'm forced to use a partisan label, I call myself a Casey Democrat. After reading this, I think I might be a sort of white Cosby Republican. Socially conservative and fiscally liberal? Yeah, I dig that. (HT: Ambiviblog) On a related note, I …

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