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Cardinal Wright Oratory Choir – Agnus Dei

Cardinal Wright Oratory Choir – Adoro Te Devote


I promised I’d write about this a long time ago. Sorry, Jim.  Mea culpa. From The Life and Times: "I am always amazed to find something new and really useful on the internet, and how that changes how we can entertain ourselves. This find is one people should know about. Recently I came across librivox.org …

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Radio That Doesn't Suck

If you’re like me, you’re sick of most or all of your local radio stations. There are too many commercials, the morning shows aren’t funny and you’d rather hear music anyhow, the formats are stale, the playlists are too short and repeat too much, modern rock is trite and offensive, and only bands with major …

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Web Radio Lives

Web Music Keeps Streaming–For Now Music labels, Webcasters reach compromise that won’t kill small online stations with stiff fees. By Michelle Madigan “WASHINGTON–After a week of nonstop negotiations, Webcasters and the recording industry have struck a deal designed to keep small Internet radio stations in business.”