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Say What Now?!

So…um…there’s this: “The Trouble With Trolls: Sources and Solutions” is being talked about on Facebook more than anything else on SlideShare right now. So we’ve put it on the homepage of SlideShare.net (in the “Hot on Facebook” section). Well done! – SlideShare Team I’m gonna have to chalk that up to stats being reset at …

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Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 Trolling Session Slides

Having seen a couple Podcamp Pittsburgh veterans post their session slides, I decided to share mine as well. Not all of them stand well on their own. Oh well. I’ll post the video once it’s been edited and posted (which could take quite a while). The Trouble With Trolls: Sources and Solutions View more presentations …

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Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 Trolling Session References

I helped present a Podcamp Pittsburgh 6 session on dealing with internet trolls. I haven’t decided whether I should share the slides we used (is that SOP for podcamps?). However, I’m more than happy to share my reference list. Enjoy. 🙂 Troll Sources Troll [definition] (http://bit.ly/mSTHpy) What is a troll? (http://bit.ly/rqVhIH) Happy Trolls (http://bit.ly/oNKjsy) Our …

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The Bush Doctrine

Again, I’ve found the Economist to provide a useful prospective on my own country, in this case with their examination of the “new “Bush defense doctrine in both an article and an op-ed on the realities behind the much-critique doctrine of preemptive action. The Bush administration has gotten better at explaining itself, especially with Iraq …

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Bang Your Head

Guns, Zeppelin Top Greatest Metal Albums List “LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – This is one “greatest albums” list The Beatles did not make. “