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Idiots On The Road

The Steelers just won the Superbowl, which means parties are over, the bars are emptying, people are going home, and there are countless idiots driving around the city honking like it's going out of style. Making matters worse are the groups of drunken college students staggering in and out of the streets with less appreciation …

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Radio Daze

Powerball presents further evidence that terrestrial radio is dying. "Classic rock fans who tuned in WRRK-FM (96.9) [Tuesday] morning got a rude awakening when…the Steel City Media station, licensed to Braddock, flipped to ‘Bob FM‘…" I really hope 96.9 follows Sacramento’s 92.1 and ditches Bob in favor of an all-80’s format.

Waking the Sleeping Killer: B-Movie Horror, the Plague, and Two Flus

"[Y]our scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." – Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park Scott Paulsen cracks me up. 🙂 "Fellas! Come in here! Look what I just made!" "This week, government scientists awakened a sleeping killer, when they were successful in genetically recreating an …

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No Open Government in Pittsburgh

Recently I highlighted a grassroots effort to make Pittsburgh's government more open to public scrutiny – or return it to that state, as the case happens to be. Sadly, that effort has met with failure. "Pittsburghers won't have a chance to vote for an 'open government' referendum on Nov. 8, but they will be able …

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BlogFest the Third

I didn’t attend BlogFest’s 1 and 2, but last night I attended Pittsburgh BlogFest 3. It was really cool to meet some felow Pittsburgh bloggers in person. Being the shy guy I am, I started with Rob of UnSpace and Mike of Grabass and Pittsburgh Webloggers, with whom I recorded a podcast interview a few …

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