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Asteroid to miss – this time around stronomers have ruled out an Earth impact from asteroid 2002 NT7 on 1 February 2019 – but they say, as yet, future collisions have not been completely excluded. 2002 NT7, a two-kilometre-wide (1.4 miles) chunk of rock, was discovered on 9 July. Initial estimates of its orbit suggested …

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Strings, Strange Quarks, Mirror Matter – What's Next?

Ghostly Asteroids Offer Dark Clues To Missing Matter "Astronomers have lost thousands of comets. A University of Melbourne physicist thinks they may still be there, just invisible and some of them potentially on a collision course with Earth." "Dr Robert Foot suggests that many of the missing comets could be made of an exotic material …

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Black Holes Ain't So Black These Days

Here’s another case of science fiction making cool predictions and being right. This time, Doctor Who gets credit for suggesting black holes as power sources. Black Hole Dynamos Spawn Monster Energy Fields Cosmic dynamos in black holes could be the most efficient power plants in the universe, spawning magnetic energy fields so big they push …

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Totally Tubular

Nano breakthrough charges science world "IBM researchers have created transistors out of carbon nanotubes that can outperform similar silicon transistors, a development that helps build the case that carbon may one day become a building block of computing."


Antifreeze Discovered in Space "Ethylene glycol, the chemical in automobile antifreeze, has been discovered in an interstellar cloud of gas and dust. The compound is also involved the formation of complex sugar molecules that are necessary for life."