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Road to Dystopia

Utopia theory “From theories of pedestrian movement and traffic flow to voting processes, economic markets and war, researchers are striving towards a physics of society” “‘It may be’, said US sociologist George Lundberg in 1939, ‘that the next great developments in the social sciences will come not from professed social scientists, but from people trained …

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It gives "Nasa 33% of its results for less than 2% of its budget." Of course it’ll be retired. We can’t have cost-effective equipment operated by the government. People might start expecting it all the time. Eyeing a post-Hubble Universe By Rachel Clarke "Not since Galileo turned his telescope towards the heavens in 1610 has …

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“Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care (about time)?” – Chicago What time is it? Well, no one knows for sure As the Earth spins slower, methods of telling time diverge. Experts warn this could end in disaster David Adam “Working Group 7A of the International Telecommunication Union’s Study Group …

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Accidental Science

Student Surprised to See Black Hole Eat Star “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It began like a routine measurement on a quasar, a somewhat boring look at the emissions from a distant, early galaxy — but it turned out that the graduate student was actually watching a black hole swallow part of a star. “

Move Over Fiber Optics

Speed of light broken with basic lab kit Electrons usually travel at about two-thirds of light speed in wires, slowed down as they bump into atoms. Hache says it may be possible to send usable electrical signals to near light speed. Scientists have sent light signals at faster-than-light speeds over the distances of a few …

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