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Identity Abuse

Her picture became a porn adScam artist stole her photo, used it in fake personalsBy Bob Sullivan “Don’t put your picture online” was a common warning in the early days of the Internet. Sound paranoid in the era of online dating? Don’t tell that to Laura, who 18 months ago put up an online personals …

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Religious Porn?

This is tasteless and offensive. Naked Madonnas outrage Rome APRIL features a bare-breasted Virgin Mary in high heels, with arms outstretched to reveal bleeding palms like the wounds of Christ on the cross. September’s Virgin Mary is suckling a child, while March depicts a raven-haired nude washing a woman’s toes in a pose evocative of …

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Just Jacko

I think “withering” is the correct word. A Photographic History of Michael Jackson’s FaceWith withering, yet witty commentary

Your Band Sucks

Wow. This site is hilarious! The language gets a little rough at times, but it’s worth it in my book. Go here to see just about every lame, dorky, poser band ever to take a promotional photo. Rock and Roll Confidential