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Picture Pages

Yesterday, I blogged about a guy who posts pics and other files he finds on military personnel’s computers via p2p apps. Today, he plugged a similar site that posts pics from everyday schmoes. It’s rather addicting going through the archives. People watching is fun. 🙂 On a side note, a drinking game could be easily …

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Poor Upbringing

I'd rather not bring personal attacks into politics, but it's apparent from this photo that John Kerry failed to teach his daughter how to dress properly and modestly for a public audience. Entertainment Photos – AFP "US film director Alexandra Kerry, daughter of US presidential candidate John Kerry, arrives for the official projection of the …

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Source of Bad Breath

Good morning, Johnny….

Wack Away a Few Pounds

This guy must be from San Francisco. Pudgy porkers pare pounds with new wanker’s dietBy Masuo Kamiyama "Type ‘diet regimens’ into the Google.com search engine, and you’ll get over 40,000 hits. They’ve got the water diet, the high-fiber diet, the drinker’s diet, the high protein diet, the sugar-busters diet and so on, ad nauseam. The …

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Gucci Coochy

Gucci Gets Go-Ahead for Pubic Hair Ad “LONDON (Reuters) – A Gucci advertisement featuring a woman with her pubic hair cropped in the shape of a letter ‘G’ got the go-ahead from Britain’s tough advertising watchdog on Wednesday.” This article seems to imply that Brits are prudes and the French are more sophisticated and mature. …

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