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Not Quite Monty Python

“Isn’t awfully nice to have a penis?” Happy Penis Song Doesn’t Annoy Canadian Regulator “OTTAWA (Reuters) – A song lauding the joys of an ‘enormous penis’ is not obscene because the object of the lyric’s affection isn’t necessarily sexual, a Canadian regulator ruled on Friday.”

Drastic Measures

Man Cuts Off Own Penis to Cure Sex Addiction “BERLIN (Reuters) – A German cut off his own penis with a kitchen knife to cure his addiction to sex, police in the southern town of Tiengen said on Friday. ‘The man called a friend around eight o’clock to say he’d done something stupid,’ police said …

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Poor Taste

This reminds me of that tacky calendar I blogged about some time back. Why do people insist of being so vulgar? Is it blaspemy? I don't know. Is it rude, crude, and in poor taste? Definitely. Artist Convicted of 'Blasphemy' "WARSAW (Reuters) – A Polish artist who exhibited an image of a man's penis attached …

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