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Poor Florida

Poor Florida can’t stay out of the spotlight. They have persistent voting troubles, they got slammed by a vicious hurricane, and apparently they have a frightening number of sexual predators. A new state law prohibits school bus stops from being within 1,000 yards of a pedophile on probation. That means that about 400 stops in …

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Still Learning

As bloggers go, I’m still basically an infant. I haven’t been doing this very long and I don’t really associate with the blogging crowd outside of a few sites on my blogroll. In other words, I’m still learning a lot about this crazy little thing called blog. For instance, I’m just now discovering just how …

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Sick in the Head

Innocent by reason of tumor? Frontal Lobe Tumor causes Pedophilia in a Man Science raises questions for criminal justice system Neurolgists at the University of Virginia reported that the removal of a frontal lobe tumor ended a male patient’s sexual behavior toward children. The patient had begun to have poor sexual impulse control several years …

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Anarchy in the RCC

Critics feel rebuffed by bishopsEarlier meeting in Dallas now seen as ‘an aberration’By Caryle Murphy "WASHINGTON, Nov. 13 – As scores of U.S. Catholic bishops left a downtown Washington hotel Monday evening to board buses for a Mass, a group of nearly 100 demonstrators – including several who had been sexually abused by priests years …

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Cleaning House

I think the most important line in this article is the following. "Even if the figure were higher, it would still likely represent less than half of 1 percent of the 46,075 priests in the United States." AP: 177 Priests Removed in 28 States