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A Great Idea for Catholic-Orthodox Evangelization

Inside the Vatican magazine has an excellent interview with Russian Orthodox Bishop Hilarion of Austria. He proposes a joint European council between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches on addressing societal issues. He proposes "This alliance may enable European Catholics and Orthodox to fight together against secularism, liberalism and relativism prevailing in modern Europe, may help …

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The Myth of Catholic and Orthodox Tradition?

Cameron Porter, of Earnestly Contending, posts the following quote (apparently a favorite of his). "Furthermore, that the body of tradition is not of divine origin nor apostolic is proven by the fact that some traditions contradict others. The church fathers repeatedly contradict one another. When a Roman Catholic priest is ordained he solemnly vows to …

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Validity of Councils

Why/how are post-schism councils valid? I thought all the sees had to be represented in order for councils to make infallible statements. Since the Orthodox still have valid orders, there are apostolic sees that have not participated in councils with the West for nearly a millennium. What am I missing?

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

[A small addition has been made to this post to clarify a point. – Funky] I have a question for my fellow Catholics on this the Feast of the Immaculate Conception Why did the Church find it necessary to define the Marian dogmas as such? Shouldn’t dogma be limited to those articles of faith which …

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One Foundation

I found a verse to Samuel Wesley’s “The Church’s One Foundation” that I’d never heard before. It was in my grandmother’s old Lutheran hymnal (Before the green book, before the red book, there was the black book.). I like it a lot. Though, with a scornful wonder, Men see her sore oppressed By schisms rent …

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