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Hit Parade

While looking through the URLs that refer to this blog, I found a rather bizarre one. It points to this ancient post (albeit at my old address). The Fifty Nude Women Project

For Real?

“Oh, Midnight Star You can believe it if you read it in the weekly Mignight Star They’re keeping Hitler’s brain alive inside a jar Midnight Star, I wanna know, I wanna know” – “Weird Al” Yankovic Abandoned boy said to have been raised by a dog (Thanks, BoingBoing) A Mowgli-like wild boy who appears to …

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Have You Seen Me?

I’ve posted about blogs based on “found” photos before. This one is interesting because the author is writing fictional stories to accompany the images.

A Brief History of Spam

A Microsoft employee has masochistically kept every piece of unsolicited email, including viruses, he has every received and made an interesting chart depicting spam volume over time. (Thanks, Slashdot)

Electoral Nuttiness

“I know that among some in my own party, what I’m discussing would be considered treasonous, but I’m not going to cheerlead us down the primrose path when I know we’re being led in the wrong direction.” – South Charleston Mayor Richie Robb Richie Robb may become only the ninth elector to not vote for …

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