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Silliness Abounds

Here's a photo spread that'll give you nightmares: Bill Gates posing for Teen Beat in 1983. Here's a new JibJab video that'll make you giggle: Second Term. On a side note, it must be nice to have a widely read geek publications singing your praises whenever you release a new short. This one just makes …

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Search Me

Ain’t search engines great? They help us find so many things. Then again, sometimes they can really take you down the garden path. Exhibit A – some of the top search phrases that have brought people here (or to my defunct address): bumfights, bush eats pubes, nigerian porn artist, YEMENI PORN MOVIES I get an …

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Ghost in the Machine

Today, The Revealer points to this article over at the Guardian where Oxford scientists have received substantial funding to search for the "ghost in the machine." The machine in this case is us. The scientists will apply a chilli-based gel to the skin of volunteers and ask them to try different strategies to lessen the …

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Behavior Correction

I like this family's creative solution for disciplining disobedient and disrespectful children. "The kids were naughty, Dad put the presents on eBay instead of under the tree, and Mom's been crying ever since. Now, even the tree is down." I think coal in the stockings would have made a nice finishing touch. 😉

At Cross-Purposes

For one segment of society, the live birth of a baby at 26 weeks is cause for celebration. For another, abortion after 26 weeks is exercising the “right to choose”. When and how will our society resolve this conflict? World’s smallest baby ready to go home CHICAGO (AP) — A baby who weighed less than …

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