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Taking "In But Not Of" Too Far?

After the reelection of Dubya, the blogosphere was abuzz with talk of "Jesusland". Well, it seems there is a group of Christians who are looking to make it a reality. "Christians have actively tried to return the United States to their moral foundations for more than 30 years. We now have a professing Christian president, …

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Accidental Conversation

Sometimes the headlines that appear in the Findory box at the bottom of this blog almost look like lines in a conversation. Here’s one from yesterday: Prydain: “Father of 9/11 hijacker: 50-year religious war coming” Relapsed Catholic: “Are dancing midgets involved?” Connexions: “I canna change the laws of physics” I couldn’t help but giggle and …

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Search Me

Once in a while I post some of the odder search queries that have landed people here. Enjoy the latest batch. 🙂

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Big Red Button

Do not press the big red button.

Search Me II

A while back, I posted some of the more interesting search phrases that have brought people here. I’ve decided to maket this a semi-regular feature. Here’s the latest bunch. So you can still get to heaven without accepting Jesus PATHOLOGICAL FEMINISM wiccan response to pope dying kittens with fluid in the brain pics pope’s shoe …

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