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All The News That's Been Paid For

Perhaps, once upon a time, newspapers and other media outlets reported the facts with minimal bias, but that certainly doesn’t happen these days. What’s useful, informative, or really important often gets pushed aside for whatever is most entertaining, is least offensive to advertisers, or – worst of all – doesn’t reflect badly on the corporation …

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Move Over Booger

For the uninitiated, Booger was a character in “Revenge of the Nerds” with prodigous burping skills. Big belcher to attempt world record burp “LONDON (Reuters) – The world’s loudest burper will inhale deep breaths and then slurp down a fizzy drink on Friday as he attempts to shatter his own ear-splitting record, a spokesman for …

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Glad They Found Him

I’m sure I’ll get labeled as perverse, but this story makes me think of the Monty Python “crunchy Frog” sketch. Sorry. Pa. Man Dies in Vat of Chocolate “HATFIELD, Pa. (AP) – A candy factory worker died after being submerged in a 1,200-gallon vat of liquefied chocolate, police said.”

Dem Bones

Priest Proposes ‘Adopt-A-Skeleton’ Scheme “LONDON (Reuters) – A cash-strapped British vicar is asking his congregation to adopt 1,000-year-old Anglo Saxons at a cost of about $15 a skeleton so that they can be reburied as Christians. “

Teaching the Truth

This is another case of liberals having a cow over protecting sacred beliefs. Secular Humanism forbid *chuckle* someone actually try to defend a CONSISTENT set of beliefs. Catholic campuses head for showdown over obedience to church, academic freedom A deadline looms Saturday that could ignite a smoldering conflict over academic freedom between the Roman Catholic …

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