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Jun 11


Since I don’t have time to cover everything in depth, here are some samplings from the blogosphere and beyond. Enjoy. 🙂

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Apr 07

The Church in the Modern World

There’s been much talk lately of what the Church should do and/or change – according to American Catholics. It’s driving me nuts. First off, I wish Americans would get over their own self-importance. There are lots on non-American Catholics throughout the world. Secondly, the Church is not run by popular opinion. The Church seeks to …

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Jan 14

Is Your Parish Faithful?

The latest "Special e-Report" from Crisis Magazine gives "23 Ways To Identify A Faithful Parish". Here they are (with my emphases). Tell me whether you agree or disagree with them and why. 1. There is at least one daily Mass. Obviously, if a parish shares a pastor with other parishes, this may not always be …

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Sep 30

Engaged Encounter Part II: Three to Get Married?

The first Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) weekend was given in Detroit in 1974 with the aide of the Marriage Encounter Resource Community. In 1975 CEE became a self-sustaining National Ministry. CEE has had astonishing growth throughout our country and also throughout the world. CEE is now taking place in more than 30 countries around the …

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Jul 13


It’s good to see that natural family planning has made the news. The Washington Post has published an article about CycleBeads, a reworked version of the old rhythm method. This article is mostly positive. However, there’s a definite bias against "complicated" methods that involve keeping track of anything beyond what day it is. "These methods …

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