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Catchin' Z's With EEG's

Sleep Aid: It’s All in Your Head By Mark Baard Instead of counting sheep, insomniacs may find relief listening to the sounds of their own brain waves. Results of a University of Toronto study indicate that “brain music” — EEG recordings converted into musical compositions in a computerized process — sends sleepless patients to dreamland …

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Are You Threatening Me?

I am the Great Cornholio! Are you threatening me? The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!!! Caffeine Boosts Stress Level All Day Long: Study Jul 31 (Reuters Health) – People who consume caffeine may experience an increase in blood pressure, feel more stressed and produce more stress hormones than on days when …

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Women Are from Venus

Study: Female Brain Wired for Emotion By PAUL RECER "WASHINGTON (AP) – Matrimonial lore says husbands never remember marital spats and wives never forget. A new study suggests a reason: Women's brains are wired both to feel and to recall emotions more keenly than the brains of men. "

Created Equal?

Sex Differences in the Brain Men and women display patterns of behavioral and cognitive differences that reflect varying hormonal influences on brain development By Doreen Kimura Men and women differ not only in their physical attributes and reproductive function but also in many other characteristics, including the way they solve intellectual problems. For the past …

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