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Air Heads

This help to explain a few friends of mine. 😉 Snoring Kids Do Worse in School, Says German Study “BERLIN (Reuters) – Children who snore perform worse at school, according to a new study by German scientists. “

Funny Philosophy

This article reads more like a Douglas Adams story than a work of a philosopher. It’s quite readable, even to the layman, and it’s hilarious. If you’ve ever wondered about mind, body, identity, and other issues in the philosophy of psychology, this is a fun place to start your exploration. “Where Am I?” DANIEL C. …

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Are They Nuts?!?

Zap! Scientist bombards brains with super-magnets to edifying effect By Carey Goldberg “Just by pointing his super-magnets at the right spots on your head, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone can make you go momentarily mute or blind.He can disrupt your working memory or your ability to recognize faces. He can even make it harder for you to …

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Can Man Age Like Fine Wine?

Study: A little wine may keep mind sharpWine drinkers have lower risk of Alzheimer’s, other dementia “WASHINGTON (Reuters) — People who drink a little wine seem to have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Danish researchers reported on Monday. “

AI Not Just a Toy

I get really tired of people who think AI isn't real science or is just for toys. I also get tired of the AI researchers who work on fluff that perpetuates the stereotypes. Here's an example of AI being used to help "real" scientists. I offer a small caveat, however. I really think AI, as …

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