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Addicted to Cartoons

If I stopped watching cartoons, would I get nasty withdrawal symptoms? 😉 Cartoons act like cocaine By Roger Highfield “A search for the mind’s ‘funny bone’ has shed new light on the mysteries of merriment, revealing that the reason humour is addictive is that it activates ‘reward centres’ in the brain.”

Sleep On It

Another good reason to get plenty of rest: Sleep Appears to Rescue Memories “In a finding that backs up motherly advice to get a good night’s sleep, scientists have found that sleep apparently restores memories lost during a hectic day.” It is not just a matter of physical recharge. Researchers say sleep can rescue memories …

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Sick in the Head

Innocent by reason of tumor? Frontal Lobe Tumor causes Pedophilia in a Man Science raises questions for criminal justice system Neurolgists at the University of Virginia reported that the removal of a frontal lobe tumor ended a male patient’s sexual behavior toward children. The patient had begun to have poor sexual impulse control several years …

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Merry Melodies

I know some tone-deaf folks who could make use of this. I'd personally like to use it to pick up a couple instruments. Brain machine 'improves musicianship' "Scientists have created a technique that dramatically improves the performance of musicians. The system – called neurofeedback – trains musicians to clear their minds and produce more creative …

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Under My Skin

Why do the stuck songs have to be so lousy? You think I actually WANT Backstreet Boys bouncing around my brain for hours?!? Why we can’t get that song out of our heads With rare exceptions, the brain has a deep affinity for music Brad Evenson,National Post “One evening in 1995, a Montreal real estate …

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