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Head Like a Hole

…or at least a hole in the head. What in heaven’s name is wrong with these people?!? International Trepanation Advocacy Group ITAG is a grass roots organization comprised of people from many backgrounds and races who have experienced the benefits of being trepanned. Some of us are willing to present ourselves publicly so that the …

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Sapir-Whorf Redux?

The classes I’ve taken in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience led me to believe that the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis had been discredited. It seems, however, that research of a similar vein has been published. Maybe there’s something to the idea after all.

Deafening Silence

You know of Christopher Reeve's determination to walk again, right? Well, you'd think that if some paraplegics began walking again, Mr. Reeve and his supporters would be pretty excited–Mr. Reeve is a quadriplegic, and therefore has a more severe injury, but this is still an immense leap! This is not the case, because those two …

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Shake a Leg

I suffer from mild RLS. My mom has it pretty bad. My grandmother had it really bad. It’s good to know that it’s finally getting the research attention and press coverage it deserves. Before it was a common diagnosis, doctors told my mom it was all in her head – in a psychological rather than …

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My Bad

Your Mistake, My Mistake-All the Same to the Brain Mon Apr 26, 9:28 AM ET “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Why is it so annoying to watch someone else make a mistake? Maybe because it affects the same areas of the brain as when a person makes his or her own mistake, Dutch researchers said on Monday.” …

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