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Kenny G

As my wife walked upstairs this evening to do some housework, she heard something from Alex she never thought she’d here from her children. “Mommy, I want Kenny G!” Nah. She must have misheard him. Why would anyone in their …

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I’m Reclaiming Two-Star Ratings

Inspired by a NJ school district’s decision to get rid ‘D’ grades, I’m making some changes to my iTunes library, and therefore my iPod listening habits. Actually, what I’m doing is opposite of what the school district did, which was to consider anything below 70% a failing grade and reduce letter grades to A, B, …

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Public Domain Music

Do check out Musopen, where you can download both recordings and sheet music in the public domain.

"This is for the ones standing up to the system"

I interpret the “it” in this song as our republic and the “head cornerstone” as the Constitution.</p Cornerstone by the Have Nots This is for the ones standing up to the system Yeah you know who you are, stay on point with the mission Look to the left, the right, it all seems the same …

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Music Making Me Mad

Moments ago I was sitting in my boss’ office waiting for him to finish some math for a paper we’re writing. He’s a big classical music fan and often listens to a local station streamed over the net. As I sat there, effectively alone with my thoughts, I realized something about my feelings toward classical …

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