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Loyal to the PA Liquor Monopoly?!

The PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) has a monopoly on the sale of wine and spirits in the state. “A monopoly is a grant of special privilege by the State, reserving a certain area of production to one particular individual or group.” – Ludwig von Mises Institute Consequently, the following line from an article about […]

Cafeteria Cable

Cable Providers Pressured for ‘a la Carte’ Programming (AgapePress) – Pro-family groups are pressuring the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and members of Congress to force cable television providers to allow consumers more choice when it comes to programming options. My reasons are different from those mentioned in this article, but I’d still like to see …

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Go Ralph!

Ralph Nader to the rescue again… Hitting Microsoft where it hurts Ralph Nader and the Consumer Project on Technology are asking the federal government to take on Microsoft via the pocketbook instead of the courts, by using its purchasing power to solve “security and competition” issues in the software market. In a letter sent to …

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More M$

The Microsoft monopoly that really matters "Ordinary people don’t pay too much attention to software-development tools. And this is just the way Microsoft likes it. Why? Because while the world argues, debates, and even sues over Microsoft’s dominance over things like Web browsers and operating systems, it’s able to quietly control the hearts, minds, and …

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