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Victory! Triumph! Glory!

The Song Of The Pacifist by Robert Service What do they matter, our headlong hates, when we take the toll of our Dead? Think ye our glory and gain will pay for the torrent of blood we have shed? By the cheers of our Victory will the heart of the mother be comforted? If by …

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Prayer Request

On Saturday, my brother-in-law will be shipping out with his National Guard unit to Iraq (Shouldn’t they be stationed here, guarding the nation?!?). He’ll be away from his wife and baby daughter for 14 months. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Mission Creep

When I attended the United for Peace and Justice anti-war rally in Pittsburgh at the beginning of ’03, I was annoyed and frustrated by the horrendous mission creep there. I was there to stop what I felt was an unjust war (we can argue that point later) and intrusive laws that threatened liberty in the …

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Lieutenant Kerry

A reader of mine wants to squash what he perceives as vicious lies concocted by "Bushies". To that end, here's the Snopes article on John Kerry's "fishy" medals. Snopes is a nonpartisan site whose purpose is to stop the circulation of urban legends and other misinformation.

Move Over 4F

Web Addiction Gets Conscripts Out of Army HELSINKI (Reuters) – A number of Finnish conscripts have been excused their full term of military service because they are addicted to the Internet, the Finnish Defense Forces said Tuesday. If there’s ever a draft, I’ll have to try this excuse. 😉